Here at Fabulous Marketing, we have been watching the world move on, change and develop through the COVID-19 new way of doing things.


Struggling v Thriving

It’s been a really difficult few weeks both for businesses who are struggling and also for businesses who are thriving.

Through no fault of our own, current events have favoured some industries better than it has others. This is tough and many businesses may be thinking “if only I was in that market”, and some have indeed moved across to react to an instant demand.

On the other hand, those businesses who are in the industries which are thriving are having to quickly adapt and flex to meet immediate and life-saving demands.


Know your Identity

Both positions cause a great deal of stress for different reasons and as a result, we are seeing some fabulous examples of living your brand, vision and values and some not so great examples, where companies are completely losing their identity.

Fabulous Marketing believe in the ethos that you should always be true to yourself and never forget what your brand stands for. It’s ok to bend and flex and this is needed right now more than ever, but always in the back of your mind think “Is this what I really want my business to be and is this how I want to position myself?”


Using Marketing to Keep your Identity

Throughout lockdown, Fabulous Marketing have been carrying out free strategic reviews and from this, we are noticing that some businesses do want to change their whole identity to morph into something new and others still believe in their current brand and want to come back better and stronger in the later months of 2020.

There is nothing wrong with either of these strategies, but for both, you should have a very clear picture of who you are, what you are trying to achieve and how you are going to do this. Yes, you may have to adapt and flex but keep some roots firmly planted or you may lose your direction completely.


Marketing Steps to Keep your Identity

Fabulous Marketing would advise you to look at three main strategic elements to start off with:


  1. Your brand – what is your business all about, how do you wish this to be communicated and portrayed. Many call this your story and it should include your vision, mission and values. Your brand should retain a consistent look and feel, so that no matter where you promote yourself, your look and story will flow through all platforms and be easily recognised.


  1. Your promotional plan – how are you going to communicate your brand (story). What methods are you going to use? This will include your tactical toolkit including digital marketing methods including, enewsletters, website, social media, online advertising and your offline marketing methods including literature, direct mail, printed publication advertising, leaflets and any other print medium. There are also methods like press releases which cut across the two. There are so many ways you can promote yourself with marketing using creative concepts and campaigns which catch the eye. The important thing here, is to look at all of these methods first before jumping on one. This allows you to properly consider which methods will work best for what you are trying to achieve.


  1. Your business development direction – many people confuse marketing and business development. They are different disciplines, but they must be considered together, as they are so interlinked that one must flow with the other. When looking at brand, marketing strategy and a marketing promotional plan, you must also address the business development element which is who are you trying to talk to, help or win business from. To do this, you need to work out, who it is you are trying to reach, where you will find them and what it is you want to say to them. This is the business development part of the whole picture.


Research and Analysis – a Marketing must but often overlooked.

During all of this, one critical area of marketing is often overlooked. Research and analysis.

How are you going to find out all of the above? Some of it comes instinctively or from experience but most of it needs to be thought about, planned and tested. Research and analysis must be carried out at the beginning, but it also must be used throughout your marketing too. The bit at the start makes sure you are educated and focussed to allow you to get going with some clarity and the throughout bit ensures you are keeping on track or alternatively allows you to adapt as things change.


Return on Investment

One last point to consider when thinking about marketing your business going forward is Return on Investment. Just like marketing and business development, there is a common misconception that Return on Investment equals sales. This is not the case. Return on Investment can mean sales, but it can also mean education, awareness, interaction, enquiries and leads. All of these are not sales but if handled in the correct way, can lead to sales, so just as important to measure.

Rediscover Marketing and make it work for you.

Rediscover marketingThere isn’t one marketing method which is going to work for everyone, this is why you shouldn’t just choose one method without considering the others.

It’s a great feeling to do all of the above and know that you have properly thought about what you are doing, why you are doing it and that you are doing it for the right reasons.

Yes it takes a bit longer to think through and map out but the clarity that you get at the end with that feeling of “right I know who I am, where I am going and how I want to get there”, creates the buzz to get your marketing right and true to who you are.





Marketing to make you feel Proud

So many of us are comparing ourselves to others for the wrong reasons which make us feel unsuccessful, inadequate or the need for change.

Fabulous Marketing want you to be proud of who you are. Only compare if you are doing it to get ideas, education and insight, never to make you feel that you need to change unless you truly know you want to (this awareness comes from within, not comparing yourself to other businesses).

Fabulous Marketing want you to stand out from the crowd because you are proud of who you are and what you do, and the Fabulous team would love to help you rediscover how to do this.

Be in business for yourself, not by yourself, contact us today, so that we can support you on your journey.


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Author Jackie Turner

Author Jackie Turner

About the Author.

Jackie Turner heads up the marketing team and has been with The Fabulous Group for just over a year. Before this, Jackie’s career has been on the client side leading marketing and research in professional services and financial institutions.

Jackie started her marketing career some 30 years ago which began in finance and insurance before moving to investment management, legal services and then to property and chartered surveying.

The depth of understanding that Jackie has gained on the client side is used to deliver Fabulous marketing projects, which always fully considers the client’s needs.

Jackie’s career has seen her work in major UK Cities such as Glasgow, London, Birmingham and Nottingham. She has lectured on marketing in University and is a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Member of The Market Research Society.

Throughout her career, Jackie has also held many volunteering and charity positions, her favourites being a Prince’s Trust Business Mentor and a Trustee to The Henry Sale Foundation (Jackie’s former boss who died unexpectedly. The Foundation funds projects which encourage social inclusion, sport and enjoyment of the countryside).


Jackie’s favourite mantra? Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.


What makes Jackie Fabulous? Her modesty!