Marketing is a skill that appears to be relatively simple. It is often the responsibility of someone in the admin team and the first cost to be cut in a crisis. This should not be the case, however.

Effective marketing is valuable, but it requires investment and expertise. Without marketing, nobody will know that your business exists. So, how can you be sure that your marketing is going to be effective?


Create a Marketing team and make it as strong as you can.

When choosing how to deliver your marketing you may decide to build an internal marketing department where everything is managed in-house, alternatively you may opt for this option but outsource certain elements such as your website development and maintenance, or you may choose to outsource everything.

An important consideration to remember is that it is unrealistic to expect someone to be an expert in everything, it sounds too good to be true and it is. Select a team where everyone can play to their strengths in delivering an effective marketing plan.

Within Fabulous Marketing our team of experts specialise across the various marketing disciplines allowing us to call on specific expertise as and when.


Invest in your Marketing team and keep their knowledge up to date.

According to research conducted by Econsultancy, over 55% of marketers haven’t completed a marketing related qualification or training programme.

Would you go to see a Doctor who wasn’t qualified? No. So, why would you put the responsibility of your marketing which plays a fundamental part in your business in the hands of someone with no experience?

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving, trends change, and technologies develop. To ensure your marketing is effective it is important to keep abreast of these changes and avoid getting left behind.  This requires time to learn and upskill and it is important to give your marketing team the ability to do this.

The Fabulous Marketing team is always learning, updating our knowledge, and discovering new skills. Our paths into marketing all differ and some of the team are members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the world’s largest community of marketers.


Involve your marketing team when making any business decisions.

To build an effective marketing plan, the goals and objectives of the entire business need to be considered. If these goals change, your marketing team need to be informed to be able to adapt accordingly. With a lack of direction and purpose, you are at risk of carrying out marketing for the sake of it and this is where frustrations begin to form. A marketing plan should feed into an overarching business plan and outline the various tactics that will be employed to achieve the desired results. The impact of a business decision is not always clear, involving people from different parts of your business will give you a variety of perspectives and can be a useful insight.

Before we commence any marketing activity with a client, at Fabulous Marketing we conduct a thorough a strategy overview to uncover exactly what it is the business wants to achieve to and create marketing recommendations off the back of this.



A one size fits all approach to marketing simply does not work. The way your business does marketing will differ from another and that’s right. Your marketing won’t remain the same and if it does, alarm bells should ring.  Marketing will continuously evolve with your business. Your marketing team will change. Perhaps you will outsource it all to begin with and eventually bring it inhouse.  Have open, two-way conversations with your marketing team, provide them with the resources and information they need, together you will achieve effective marketing that delivers results.

Delivering effective marketing is at the core of Fabulous Marketing. We can assist you with your marketing efforts or take responsibility of it for you. You must be willing to share your drive and purpose with us though to be sure we can do it effectively.

Be in business for yourself, not by yourself, contact us today, so that we can support you on your journey.



Image of Esther Theobald

Esther Theobald

About the Author

Esther Theobald is part of the Fabulous Marketing team and has been with the Fabulous Group for two and half years.

Esther kickstarted her career in 2014 having graduated from university with a degree in Marketing and Advertising. She enjoys the creative elements the discipline has to offer but above all loves seeing the results an activity can achieve.

Her background is in B2B marketing, mainly in professional services. After completing her degree, she started out in an in-house marketing department and has now experienced marketing life from both perspectives which plays a valuable part in her current role. Esther is also an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM).



Esther’s favourite mantra? Be brave.

What makes Esther Fabulous? She will always look for a positive spin on things.