It’s the end of my first week with the Fabulous Group, six weeks since I relocated to Market Harborough and 5 years working in accounting.


I began my career in banking and moved into accountancy in 2014. Whilst in banking, I completed the necessary banking qualifications to progress through the ranks and alongside this I competed my ACCA studies. I started my ACCA studies whilst living in Kenya.


In 2014 I found myself at a crossroads in life. When the regulatory changes in banking were introduced, my role was made redundant – at the time it was difficult but looking back at the situation now, it was the door to new opportunities. I had the choice that not everyone is lucky enough to have – I could decide where to take my career next. Did I move into mortgages, become an IFA or take the accounting route? I’d worked so hard studying ACCA, this seemed the most logical move – I had completed the theory side of the role, the practical was all I was missing.

My role in banking evolved over 13 years, I began as a cashier then moved into a Personal Banking role and later, I became a Regulated Advisor.

The similarities in banking and accounting

Both professions sit within the Financial Services industry. My role in banking was personal finance and I dealt with individual’s financial affairs whereas accounting is based around a business and less about the individuals. With that said both roles require similar skills. Both roles are client facing and require an ability to build rapport. Finances are incredibly personal so trust is vital. There is no room for error, precision and detail is key. Within both industries the reliance upon software continues to strengthen, the systems differ entirely but once you get familiar with them, they help you to streamline processes and facilitate communication. Collaboration is key, whether its with your clients or colleagues, there is always something new to learn from one another’s experiences.


Here at Fabulous Financial we pride ourselves on the service that our team of highly trained and qualified finance professionals offer to a range of clients. We take the time understand your business, what you want to achieve and how we can assist you along that journey.

Be in business for yourself, not by yourself. Contact us today, so that we can support you on your journey.


Harvinder Chana

Harvinder Chana

About the Author

Harvinder is an ACCA qualified accountant. Brand new to the team, she has joined the Fabulous Group as a Client Partner. Harvinder began her career in finance within banking and moved into accountancy in 2014. She has strong knowledge of both Xero and Sage and has a wonderful ability to adapt to the needs of specific clients and situations.

By day she is an accountant and by night an avid gin drinker – she has in fact been responsible for organising two successful gin festivals!


Harvinder’s favourite mantra? Let’s get it done.

What makes Harvinder fabulous? Her can do attitude and team spirit!