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The past 12 months have changed how we operate on a daily basis, with mental and physical wellbeing more important than ever.

63% of UK business leaders said they now feel more responsible for their employees’ health and wellbeing, according to a recent study,

The same percentage also recognised that expectations around employer-provided health support had changed notably since the beginning of the pandemic, with over 54% of businesses claiming that their company had improved the provision of mental health support and benefits for their employees’ wellbeing.

How Health and Protection Insurance Can Help

The pandemic has highlighted the value of being able to access quick and flexible services, which could impact people’s attitudes towards their insurance.

In response to this, insurers have recognised the need for extra services to help members with their mental and physical well-being.  This has become a crucial part of the policies that insurers provide and complements the 24-hour access to virtual GPs offered by many.

Mental Health and Well-Being Support

A number of insurers have expanded their capacity for mental health and well-being support to include remote consultations and on-line Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Employee Assistance Programmes, telephone support lines, and on-line fitness and exercise classes to take part in at home.

Insurers are constantly reviewing these products to consider new and innovative ways to look after their members’ mental health and well-being needs. Two examples of this would include AIG and Aviva.

  • AIG provide ‘Smart Health’ to all insured members of any of their Group Risk products.
    This is regardless of the size of the scheme and includes the member’s partner and dependent children up to the age of 21 years.Smart Health brings the insured members 24/7 access to a virtual GP, a second medical opinion service, mental health support, health check, nutritional consultation and fitness programme.
  • Aviva has also recently introduced their ‘Mental Health Pathway’, giving clients members quick access to quality talking therapies and counselling. The Aviva Mental Health Pathway gives employers the ability to support their employees with their mental health needs.

The Future is Now!

Lockdown has shone a light on many people becoming more and more actively engaged in their health and wellbeing.  Insurers have responded to this trend but many businesses may not be aware that Health & Protection policies can support their employees in this way.

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