Fab5 Feature – February

Hello and welcome to February’s instalment of Fab5.

Isn’t the way this month falls and looks on the calendar particular satisfying, or is that just us?!

Talking of calendars, this month’s feature does contain some important dates that may be worth noting down amongst some other useful ideas you may wish to take away.

A special shout out to Beckett Financial Services who have very kindly contributed to this month’s edition. Their article is filled with lots of interesting facts and we would highly recommend a chat with them based on our own experiences.

1. January at a Glance

For a while we’ve been looking at ways to take you behind the scenes at The Fabulous Group. Unfortunately given the nature of what we do we can’t photograph wonderful before and after pictures, film our packaging processes or give you sneak peaks of new stock. So, with that came the idea of capturing our months in numbers and to do this we’ve drafted in the help of some snowmen we saved from the snow we had in January. This is a snapshot of some of the tasks we completed.

Take a look behind the scenes of the Fabulous Group.

2. Employee Benefits, what do you offer?

Beckett Financial Services are one of our select partners and this month have very kindly contributed an article on employee benefits, specifically Health and Protection Insurance.

Find out how Health & Protection policies can support your employees.

3. How will your clients remember you?

A recent CIMA webinar left us feeling inspired last month and we’d be interested to hear your take on it too.

The webinar was about service levels and got you to think about what you do to leave a memorable impression on your clients. Here are a couple of the ideas that they shared.

Timed meet and greets – upon entering your building position a sign in the entrance that states how many seconds the visitor can expect to wait before a member of the team takes to come and greet them. Not only does this act as a distraction for the visitor as they start to countdown to see whether you live up to the claim but it’s also a brilliant ice breaker to get the conversation started.

Drinks Menu – not applicable just yet, but hopefully again soon. Prior to beginning a face-to-face meeting, rather than offering the typical tea of coffee option, present the individual with a printed menu offering an array of drink choices, including champagne! The number of individuals who take up the offer of champagne will be minimal and when it’s only 1 bottle a couple of times per year the cost is not outrageous. Anyone who does opt for the champagne will have a cause for celebration and the meeting will always be memorable.

Comics – think about the way you convey your information; does it have to be an a5 flyer? How about a comic strip or recipe card for example? Presenting the individual with something they are not expecting and slightly unusual could mean they take a second look and don’t dismiss the information instantly which can often be the case with a standard flyer.

These are all simple ideas to implement and transform a standard process into something out of the ordinary. What do you do within your business to make you memorable?

4. Dates for your diary in 2021

We’ve compiled a list of 12 important dates and deadlines in 2021 business owners need to know about. They won’t all apply to you but make note of the ones that do.  We hope you find it useful.

Access the list of dates and get your diary up to date.

5. Cashflow implications

As we head towards the 1-year anniversary of the first lockdown, it is important to start considering the implications any Coronavirus Business Support you have accessed will have on your cashflow. As things stand, applications to government-backed loans close at the end of March and the Furlough Scheme at the end of April. This means it won’t be long until we are required to start repaying these funds.  

Read our article on the implications in full here.

That’s all for this month, thank you for reading. Please do get in touch if you or someone you know is looking for any help and guidance in relation to finance and accounting. You can contact us by phone on 0800 112 0880 or email hello@focalbusiness.co.uk

PS. Here’s that particularly satisfying picture of February: