Fabulous Marketing Webinar Series

Fabulous Marketing has launched a brand new webinar series: Hibernate don’t Stagnate.

For animals, going into hibernation is essential for their survival. Marketing is much the same for businesses.

Every Monday, to mark the start of a fresh new week, Fabulous Marketing will be hosting a live webinar on selected topics to help you to make the most of your marketing during this time.

Our hope is that by now you will have adjusted to your ‘new normal’ and be able to begin focussing your attention on the activities that you often overlook.

Join us online for free and let us help you to take care of your brand.

These sessions will last approximately 30 minutes and will include a Q&A and will run once in the morning and again in the afternoon to fit around your schedule. 

Episode One: The Importance of Social Media During a Crisis

Webinar notes

Episode Two: Dealing with Criticism in the Press and Social Media

To access this webinar please email hello@focalbusiness.co.uk and we can arrange a copy of the recording to be sent to you.

Episode Three: Delivering Clear Communications to your Customers

Details to follow shortly.


If you are interested in finding out more information about these webinars or Fabulous Marketing in general  and what we can offer your business, we would love to hear from you. Call us on 0800 112 0880 or email hello@focalbusiness.co.uk.