Providing Expert Advice to the Pawnbroking Industry

We all know the value of having the right support and advice for our business, but it can be time-consuming arranging and organising all the different types of services you and your business require. Establishing and maintaining a trusted network of professional support partners takes time and energy; coordinating a diverse range of business services, as and when you need them, can be a major headache.


In the pawnbroking industry, an environment of ever increasing and changing legislation and regulation, the range of services that your business might require on a day-to-day basis is quite extensive. It includes accountancy, advisory services, payroll, compliance advice, insurance, human resources, IT, legal advice, marketing and property management to name a few.


In addition to this, the plethora of specific regulations pertaining to the pawnbroking industry, including those of the FCA, make it imperative that the service providers you choose have the credentials and experience to provide the right level of support and advice relevant to your business. There are also a number of accounting and taxation rules regarding, for example, the treatment of precious metals and partial exemptions. The more expertise your advisors have of your particular type of business, the better the support and advice is likely to be.


Then there’s the advice you may need for those special projects; whether it’s to grow or develop your business, introduce new or alternative funding, or even exit or sell.


Fabulous Financial: Pawnbroking Experts


At Fabulous Financial, we are pawnbroking experts, specialising in supporting businesses within the industry. We provide a high quality one stop solution, adding expert resource to support and help develop your business when you need it most, all managed and delivered on your behalf.


Our core services provide all the essential functions you’re likely to need in a flexible, menu driven approach and delivered via our in-house resource and a network of carefully selected delivery partners. Our innovative use of cloud-based solutions enables us to provide a smart, efficient and customer centric service, reducing administration without compromising quality and allowing you to focus on running and developing your business.


Fabulous Financial’s founder, Mike Osborne, developed direct experience as CFO of Cash Converters UK, helping lead the business through a period of significant growth and change, both business and regulatory. Mike’s detailed knowledge of the pawnbroking industry means that he has an in-depth understanding of exactly the services and support that businesses in this industry require and has helped Fabulous Financial to position itself as one of the only pawnbroking experts in the country.


Regardless of what size of business you may be, or what requirements you may have, choose an accountancy and business service provider that supports your business and takes the stress away.


To book a free, no-obligation consultation and find out how our pawnbroking experts could support and grow your business, contact Fabulous Financial today on 0800 112 0880, or email


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