The Fabulous Group Partners with Starling Bank

The Fabulous Group has partnered with the award-winning Starling Bank, to support our clients with their business banking requirements.

When business owners told Starling what they wanted from a bank account, they listened. Helpful features, no monthly fees, a super-fast setup, and handy integration with accountancy tools. When we heard about this, we knew we needed to try this out for ourselves and so we did just that.

Pleased with the overall experience, we have now added Starling Bank to our panel of selected partners.

Our favourite features of the Starling business bank account include:

  • Speedy set-up process: the application takes minutes via their app with no paperwork and no branch visits
  • Software integrations with Xero, QuickBooks, and FreeAgent: share your transaction feed with your accounting software instantly and in real-time.
  • Your payments, in real-time: manage your cash-flow with real-time notifications that appear every time money enters or leaves your account
  • Categorised transactions: see exactly where your business is spending most with spending insights.

We like to try the products of our selected partners before we recommend them to our clients because we will only endorse products, we, ourselves, are happy using.

For further information and to see whether a Starling business bank account is suitable for your business get in touch  with us today.

Alternatively, get started now and apply for a Starling bank account.